Catherine & Timothy Dugan

The Oaks Club, Osprey, FL

Catherine and Tim's wedding day at the Oaks Club in the heartwarming spring of Osprey, Florida, was a breathtaking embodiment of old Southern charm and timeless elegance. The air was alive with the vibrant hues of emerald greens and delicate pinks, which adorned every corner of the venue, casting a spell of romance and enchantment. Lush roses exuded their sweet fragrance, their petals weaving a tapestry of natural beauty alongside the glittering chandeliers that hung like ethereal stars from above. As guests entered, they were greeted by the opulent sight of the venue's grand double staircase, where the couple's love story seemed to ascend to new heights. The marble floors gleamed softly, a testament to the grace and sophistication that enveloped the occasion. The elegance of the place settings whispered of cherished traditions, inviting everyone to partake in the joyous celebration of love and unity. Amidst the stunning backdrop, Catherine and Tim embarked on a journey of love, their special day forever imprinted with the splendor of Southern allure and the promise of a beautiful future together.


Photography- Samantha Brown Artistry

Wedding Planning- CoraMarie Events

Hair and Makeup- LG Howard Salon

Floral- Beneva Flowers

Cake- Cakes by Ron

Décor- So Staged Events & Us Tent Rental

DJ- Celebrations 24