My father used to always tell me, "If you do what you love, you'll find where you belong." I'd like to think that most 20 somthings don't know what they are REALLY meant to do yet. How we are going to impact this world can be a mystery that feels like will never be solved. Eventually we make it out of the forest of vines and untangle ourselves and realize we are 30.

Starting your own business is not an easy thing, but its all about the people you are able to connect with. I met Sue Watson (hairbysueee) when I was planning my own wedding. I heard she was the BEST bridal stylist in town and I could not get any better. I myself a licensed cosmetologist and budding bridal stylist was real excited to sit in her chair and watch her attempt to tame my VERY frizzy shoulder length hair.

As soon as we met she instantly made me feel comfortable. She sat me down and was able to tame my hair with ease. I couldn't believe how wonderful my hair looked! I had a beautiful long Elsa inspired braid down my back only possible by bags and bags of hair extensions. See my hair below.

The start of something new

After I married my wonderful husband Peter, is when I decided to go full time again with my business. Guess who was right there cheering me on? SUUUEEEEEE! Sue was the first person to give me a chance after my long hiatus from the wedding industry. She took me with her to one of her weddings early on and allowed me to watch, learn and even assist her. She took a chance on me and even hired me to assist her with many other weddings. Ill always be thankful to her for the kindness she showed me and for holding out a hand to a newbie!

I met Amy Shaw the same way I met Sue, I hired her to do my makeup for my wedding. Amy was recommended to me in the same way Sue was, with HIGH praise. She is a make up wizard and I love to watch her work and learn from her. The first time I met Amy I went to her house where she has her own make up studio. The first one to greet me was her adorable, friendly and loving late pup Hercules. Following closely behind where two little blonde Amy look a-like's. I already felt right at home! Amy then came around the corner with her warm smile and her southern warmth. She made me feel like a queen and I left that day knowing I was in good hands and I was looking fabulous.

The world has now come full circle and my favorite weddings to work are the ones where I get to work with Amy and Sue.

These two women have impacted me in such a positive way. I was blessed to have them at the start of my new beginning with my husband and they inspired me and pathed a way for me to start my new career. Being together today and capturing them at work was like being indicted into a certain kind of club. A club I was always meant to be a part of. A club of women who are strong, smart, intelligent and kind.

I guess my father was always right.

-Samantha Brown